Albino Bison faith white buffalo

A bison ranch in Western Montana is dealing with new found fame after a rare albino buffalo was born in their herd.

The all white bison, named Faith, was born last June on the Bitterroot Bison Ranch and when she popped out her owners couldn't believe their eyes.

"They are known in the record books 1 in 10 million chance and I could only find eight documented since 1994," owner Troy Westre said.

They even had her DNA tested and found out she is 100% bison. As folks drive by Bitterroot Bison Faith catches their eye.

"There is an out pour of people wanting to see her because she is an omen or a you know the natives see her as a sign of better things to come and in these times with COVID and all this she is a light in the dark," Westre said.

Multiple tribal leaders have even stopped by to meet Faith.

"We did one ceremony with the Kotani Salish tribe and we have other ones like the Sioux and stuff like that wanting to come by," Westre said.

Westre is working on getting the right insurance and licensing so he can start giving tours of his ranch, so more people can come see Faith.

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