MISSOULA - Today, ABC FOX Montana brings you the final of a three-part series, brought to you by our "Montana Murder Mysteries" podcast.

In 1991, a headline from Missoula's most prominent paper would read: 'Nursing Home-Killings Stump Missoula Police' after two elderly women were found raped and killed a year prior.

The horrendous and baffling murders of Nancy Lagerquist and Bertha Scott at Riverside Health Care Center have remained unsolved for the past 30 years and have had lasting impacts on law enforcement and one local newspaper journalist.

"I guess I always felt at times that we needed to be as truthful as we possibly could," said Michael Moore, a former journalist with the Missoulian. "But you also need to be sort of circumspect when you're, sort of, thinking about the words where you describe an old person being killed and, kind of, one of the worst possible ways that you could imagine. And I think that I carried that little burden home, just like any human would."

In this episode, join Angela Marshall as she speaks with Michael about the impacts that this case has had on him, as well as those members of law enforcement who actively investigated it.

Plus, she'll tell you were the investigation stands today.

Part Three of 'Rest Home Rapes and Homicides' is available for download now right here, or wherever you subscribe and listen to your podcasts.

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