Drive-Thru Safety Fair

MISSOULA, Mont. - Safe Kids Missoula is ringing in their 30 year anniversary by educating parents on child safety during their fair.

This time around they're also keeping it COVID friendly, with a drive thru fair.

It's the one time of year parents can stop by with their kids and speak with local community members, all with one goal in mind being children's safety.

With local community members like MHP, the rural fire department, and the rescue division, just to name a few, cam together with the mission is to protect children from preventable injury, from events such as car crashes, poisoning, drowning, and falls. As those types of injuries are the leading cause of death for children in the united states, that are pre-dominantly preventable, as shared by Kira Huck, the director for Safe Kids Montana.

As these events bring the community together to sooth troubling situations that can happen ay any moment.

"It's also a really fun environment to meet some of these safety professionals, so they aren't meeting them for the first time in an emergency, you can imagine for a little kid their home is on fire, fireman coming in big fireman gear that could be a little scary, so allowing them to meet these people in a fun relaxed environment is a great way for them to get introduced, said Huck.

And the goal after Sunday,  families drive away learning something new to help them protect their children. If you missed today's event that's okay because local community members will be hosting more fun, educational events all year long.

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