Mayor Brandon E. Dewey.

Mayor Brandon E. Dewey. Image courtesy of the town of Stevensville. 

STEVENSVILLE, Mont. - A petition by residents of Stevensville to recall Mayor Brandon Dewey has reached the required amount signatures and has been approved.

The Recall Petition claims Stevensville Mayor Brandon Dewey of signing a contract with First Call Computer Solutions for services without permission from the town council prior to signing. The Recall Petition says the mayor took the power to make contracts; however, the petition says that authority is designated to the Stevensville Town Council. 

According to the Recall Petition, Mayor Dewey's move caused "bypassing the competitive bid and contract award process." The petition says the town council was not able to have involvement in the contract signing, nor was the city attorney able to review it.

The Recall Petition reads, "The Mayor's actions resulted in denying Citizens the Right of Participation, Article II, Part II, Section 8, and the Right to Know, Article II, Part II, Section 9 of the Constitution of the State of Montana, thereby violating his Oath of Office."     

Since the petition has been approved, the County Clerk and Recorder tells us Mayor Dewey has five days to resign, and if he doesn't, a special election will be held by mail.

If Mayor Dewey chooses to move forward with the special election, he has ten days to submit a 200 word statement giving reasons why he should not be recalled. The statement would appear on the special election ballot. 

The town gave this statement on their website saying, "These allegations have not been charged against Mayor Dewey but have been thoroughly reviewed by legal counsel and investigated by the City Attorney and found to be unsubstantiated."

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