STEVENSVILLE -- The annual Scarecrow Fest won't be the same this year in Stevensville, due to COVID-19.

Last year, the festival brought over 8,000 people to Stevensville, but that number won't be the same this year.

Local businesses and community members look forward to the fall event each year. 

Active Care Wellness Center's Office Manager, Renee Christensen, said their business in Stevensville starts planning months in advance.

"We normally start prepping for the following year at the end of the previous year's scarecrow festival," Christensen said.

Businesses are still encouraged to put out a scarecrow, they just won't be judged.

Christensen said her office will stay true to their tradition.

"It's not going to be the same festival everyone is used to, but we're still going to put out a scarecrow and hopefully people can come enjoy them as they want to," Christensen said. 

Scarecrow Festival Chairman, Gretchen Spiess, said cancelling the event was a difficult decision. 

"We kept watching and questioning, and it's just, not knowing, it's just a little too frightening," Spiess said. 

She added that losing revenue that comes from the event will be hard for businesses in Stevensville.

"Stevensville is barely hanging on but we're hanging in there," Spiess said. "You know like everybody, we're all in this together."

Christensen is just trying to stay positive.

"It will be different. It will still be fun to get out and look at the scarecrows," Christensen said. "Let's just look forward to next year, and hopefully next year we can make it like it used to be," she added.

Businesses will start putting up their scarecrows on October 16th.

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