Midtown Plaze

MISSOULA, Mont. - Multiple new businesses are opening up in the heart of Missoula.

As construction of the Midtown Plaza is starting to wrap up, developers and business owners are starting to see their hard work pay off.

"We are really excited because it has been a long process," Midtown Association Board Member Debbie Williams said, "We purchased the property and then when we started getting into the construction side of the project COVID hit and made it all very interesting. Lucky everyone is doing well and we are moving forward."

Five of the 10 tenants are now open, including the Zootown Laundromat. Owner Russell Williams said it was a slow start, but business is now picking up.

"More people are finding us now. We were a little camouflaged with the construction, but more people are coming in and we've heard nothing but positive reactions from Missoula," Russell Williams said.

While they were one of the first new businesses to open Midtown, owners say they cant wait to see everyone else move in.

"I think it's an amazing location there are so many thing you can do," Russell Williams said.

"There is such a variety of businesses coming in," Debbie Williams said, "You can go throw some axes while your laundry is getting done, or you can wonder across the parking lot and have a beer or some Thai food, or get your eyes checked at the new eye doctor."

All of this in a location you are probably already familiar with, because Missoula's newest shopping center was built right across the street from the oldest one in town, Trempers, built back in 1958.

"My grandfather started Trempers Shopping Center and now we are on to the third generation. Now we have the plaza so we are just continuing our family legacy," Debbie Williams said.

Once all shops open throughout the summer with the Thai restaurant opening last in September, the Midtown Plaza will host a grand opening ceremony to welcome Missoulians to their newest shopping center.

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