6th graders at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival

MISSOULA - The 16th Annual Big Sky Documentary Film Festival saw a boost in attendance Tuesday, when hundreds of 6th graders took over MCT.

The festival has six educational programs. One of those programs helps teach 600 local students through short films. 

The goal of Tuesday’s field trip is to learn by watching. It was put on by Montana based organization SPARK!.

SPARK! Director, Sienna Solberg, said Tuesday wasn't just about watching the movies, but meeting the brains behind the films.

"It’s a great opportunity for these kids to see some shorts and documentaries and then talk to the filmmakers to understand a little bit more about what goes into it and the creative process," emphasized Solberg.

It was a field trip that sparked excitement with attendees.

"I like to learn about what’s going on in the world and what people are doing and just cool stuff like that," explained Amity Rogalski.

"Well you're hanging out with all of your friends and you get to watch movies that you would not normally watch, well you would watch with your family sometimes, but not with your friends. But when you’re with your friends here it’s even funnier," said Frederick Cooper.

A fun event to inspire young children and possibly inspire future filmmakers.

For more information about the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, click here.

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