Wilma reopens in Missoula

MISSOULA - Right now live entertainment is starting back up in the Garden City as the Wilma theater prepares for their first concert since March.

Going to a concert is definitely not what it was like before COVID-19, but nonetheless they're starting again in Missoula with the Wilma hosting the Missoula Jazz Collective in a cabaret style event.

A big factor of how they are able to make this happen is because the Wilma has very high ceilings, a ton of space for social distancing, and by following state guidelines the venue capacity has been significantly reduced.

Tickets for the event were sold in groups of two to six people and the groups will be sat at socially distant tables inside the venue. Face masks are required upon entry and if a person needs to get up from their table. There will also be cocktail servers that will handle all drink orders. Essentially, the atmosphere will operate like a restaurant.

The owners of the Wilma decided to halt operations in March before businesses were ordered to do so out of the uncertainty of COVID-19, but now they feel ready to open.

"People want to get back and see music and we want to try and do it in a safe and responsible way," said Nick Checota, owner of the Wilma. "Finding the balance through this period is what we're working on."

Tonight's show is completely sold out but people can expect more socially distant concerts in the future.

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