MISSOULA, Mont. - University of Montana students rallied together on Friday, calling on UM to fire Rob Smith.

Smith is a computer science professor at UM, who's received backlash for writing controversial blog posts containing offensive statements about Women, LGBTQ+ individuals and Muslims.

Outrage and disgust filled the Campus Oval today, as over 100 students gathered, calling for Smith to be Fired. He's on paid leave as of Monday.

UM Student and Director of the Women's Resource Center, Mia McKinney, kicked off the rally, reminding students their feelings are valid.

"Whatever emotions you're feeling today, acknowledge them, and give them space. Anger, rage, sadness, grief, confusion; those emotions are all valid and they’re all productive," McKinney said.

UM Freshman, Grant Swan, said as a gay man, he was personally offended by Smith's blogs.

"If the U of M really wants to live up to their notion of diversity, equity and inclusion, we cannot include people here that do not accept people for who they are," Swan said.

UM's Director of Strategic Communications, Dave Kuntz, said UM sides with the students in their disgust.

"The language used in this blog was awful. It was offensive. It's not consistent with the University of Montana, but we still have to follow those processes and that's what we're going to do," Kuntz said.

Kuntz added the process could take up to a couple of weeks, but they're working to make sure it goes as swiftly as possible.

ABC/Fox Montana has reached out to Smith and as of the latest last update, we have not heard back.

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