"Yellowstone" premieres Wednesday, June 20 on Paramount Network. Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton.

MISSOULA, Mont. - A University of Montana study has found the Yellowstone series has generated an estimated 2.1 million visitors and $730 million in spending to Montana in 2021.

UM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research and UM’s Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research conducted the study.

The show has exposed more than 12 million viewers to the scenery of Montana during its season-five premier according to UM.

Bureau of Business and Economic Research director, Patrick Barkey, says that a study conducted in 2022 found Yellowstone contributed significantly to the state’s economy, but when the more recent study was extended to include the impact of visitor spending, these effects changed dramatically.

“Extending our previous analysis to include the impacts of tourism spending was eye-opening,” Barkey said.

The university reports the study found that the combination of visitor spending and film production spending associated with the production of Yellowstone in Montana resulted in:

  • $730.1 million in spending to the state’s economy.
  • $44.5 million in state tax revenues directed in whole or in part to the general fund.
  • 10,200-plus jobs across a wide spectrum of industries, including both tourism-related and other industries.
  • $376 million in income received by Montana households.
  • roughly $1.1 billion in output, or gross receipts, of Montana business and nonbusiness organizations.
  • 2.1 million visitors to Montana in 2021 whose decision to visit was the result of the show.
  • 3,305 more people attracted and retained to the state by the increased economic opportunity.

You can find more information on the study and view the full findings on UM’s website here.

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