Car Vandalism

MISSOULA - At least four vehicles were vandalized in a Missoula neighborhood early Monday morning. 

According to the Missoula Police Department, a call came in just after midnight for a report of someone spray painting cars parked on the street on Clark Fork Lane. 

Police say at least four, possibly five vehicles were damaged. Based off of the graffiti and where the cars were parked, police say the incident could have to do with a parking dispute, though that has not been confirmed. 

The damage to the cars is extensive based on how much spray paint was used. 

A witness described the suspect as as a thin male with a maroon sweatshirt with a hood on, and a bandanna around his face. The suspect reportedly headed northbound on Clark Fork Lane and turned into an apartment complex nearby. He has not been located. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Sergeant Rick Stevenson 406-552-6329

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