MISSOULA - As summer winds down, less people are getting out on the water but one Missoula teen decided this is the perfect time to clean up the shores.

Armed with plastic bags and gloves, volunteers walked along the Clark Fork River picking up any trash they can find.

From wrappers, to beer cans, to even a stray flip flop, these folks are cleaning up the shores thanks to one Hellgate High School student.

"I think it is a great way to bring the community together a great nonpartisan thing and the river really needs is despite all the clean-up efforts we have done in the past," organizer Ethan Schroder said.

Schroder started planning this clean up in June creating a website, getting permission from the city, and launching social media campaigns all to get folks to sign up to help.

"We got a lot of people interested on Facebook and Instagram around 50 to 60 people but it already seems like more people are going to show up than that," Schroder said.

Folks started rolling in around noon on Sunday for the clean up, they were ready to get their hands dirty to keep the city clean.

"I love Missoula and this just seemed a good opportunity to beautify my community and meet some people who are into the same thing,' volunteer Samuel Smith said.

Volunteers even had the option of buying into a 50/50 raffle where half the proceeds will be donated to the Clark Fork Coalition to help fund future efforts to clean the river.

Schroder wants to remind folks who recreate along the river if you pack it in, pack in out, so everyone can enjoy the river for generations to come.

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