Westside Lanes & Fun Center prepares to reopen for bowling after being closed for 2 months

MISSOULA - Phase 2 of the ‘Road to Reopening’ begins next week, June 1.

That means that even more businesses and services will be able to reopen to Montanans.

At Westside Lanes and Fun Center in Missoula, the bowling lanes have sat empty for the past two months.

But management say that they’re working to bring the fun and safety back to the bowling alley come Monday.

“And we’ve had a lot of our league bowlers as well as our older bowlers, who just want to come bowling,” Robin Barker said, who is part owner and general manager of Westside Lanes and Fun Center. “And so they’re asking us, ‘When can we come bowling?’”

Barker says that the phone has been constantly ringing with people asking that question.

To prepare for Monday’s reopening, staff are busy painting, reorganizing, cleaning and sanitizing all to make way for the return of 75% of their customers.

“We have went through all of the bowling balls, all of the equipment. We have sanitized them, each and every one of them,” explains Barker. “The settee area, the furniture has all been sanitized. And we do have a plan in place to ask our customers to use our hand sanitizer before you start looking for a bowling ball.”

Customers will also have the option of soon purchasing disposable shoes.

Games will be played on every other lane, only five people to a lane.

When people are done bowling a game, staffers will then come in to clean and sanitize the area. They will know when to do that because a picture of a broom will pop up on the score monitor.

They only way to remove that picture is when the staffer touches another screen in the settee area.

It lets customers know that the area is safe and secure for them to start bowling.

Every other arcade machine will be open for the public to use, with floor signs reminding everyone to keep their social distance.

“We’re so ready to open. We want to see people. We want to see people come in the doors. And they want to come in”

While bowling reopens for customers on Monday, the lounge and snack bar of currently open to the public.

State and local guidelines are being followed for you to come in and have a bite to eat.

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