Courtesy Missoula YWCA

Courtesy Missoula YWCA

MISSOULA - YWCA Missoula raised their target $8 million to build a new facility offering assistance and shelter to domestic violence survivors and unhoused families in Missoula by April 2021.

The Meadowlark is currently under construction at its location on West Third Street.

A release from YWCA Missoula says they teamed up with Missoula Interfaith Collaborative to make the new facility possible. More than 1,000 donors contributed a total of $8.1 million.

"The challenge was to raise funds to build The Meadowlark without affecting the operating budget needed to run the YWCA’s existing programs and serve its current clients. They have been successful on both fronts," YWCA Missoula wrote in the release.

“We are on budget and on track to complete construction of The Meadowlark by March,” Cindy Weese, YWCA Missoula Executive Director, said in the release. “This would not have been possible without the generosity and dedication of this community. We are incredibly humbled by the support this campaign has received.” 

The YWCA can help out double the amount of individuals as they do currently.

YWCA Missoula's release says they can place unhoused families in emergency housing at The Meadowlark and offer renter guidance to find permanent housing. In a separate area of The Meadowlark, YWCA's administrative offices will be contained and expand shelter for domestic violence survivors.

“In Missoula, on any given night there could be 50 families, 110 kids, sleeping in cars or unsafe situations,” Casey Dunning, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative Executive Director, said in the release. “We set forth to create a different reality: one where, if a family loses their housing, or if someone is fleeing domestic violence, they won’t have to be on a waiting list for weeks. They will have a safe place to go right away.”

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