Seeding is a billion dollar industry that's been the backbone of Montana farmers and ranchers for hundreds of years. Their future depends on the success of the seeds, but as we explore in this week's Montana Family Farms series, they're forced to deal with many factors they don't have any co…

Like most ranchers this time of year, Walter Schweitzer is in the thick of calving season. His family farm in Geyser is on overdrive as he wakes up to more and more calves every morning.  But right now his bigger concern isn’t about what’s happening every day, it’s about what this new life m…

When you go to the grocery store and pick up some meat for dinner how often do you really look at the label? If you take a close look you may notice a label that states the country of origin, which tells you exactly where your beef was made....or does it? For this week’s Montana Family Farm …

GREAT FALLS - Addiction is a problem many people have to deal with daily and it comes in many different forms and one of the hardest things someone who is struggling can do is ask for help.

GREAT FALLS - Big Sky Chapter Canine Companions for Independence have teamed up with Fetch Pet Boutique to bring a new event to the Electric City to show service dogs go Beyond the Vest.

GREAT FALLS - When you sit down to read a good book, what is on your must-haves for relaxing? Well for the Great Falls Library, the list includes pajamas and some furry friends.

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