BONUS: Friends Remember Russell Turcotte

According to, this is the last known photo of Russell Turcotte, 19, before his death.

HARVRE - A best friend, a brother who is remembered. And the memories have not faded long after his murder.

Host Angela Marshall brings a BONUS 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast episode.

It's an episode that she said she wanted to bring you, because so many people reached out to her following the release of our 2-part podcast series, "Who Killed Russell Turcotte?"

Dear friends of Russell wanted to share their memories of him.

And the best way for her to share Russell's story with you in the hopes of garnering new information in his cold case is to share their stories.

Here's a clip from the conversation with Mike Dunning the moment he realized his best friend wasn't coming home:

"And when he didn't show up, you know, it was like somebody had hit my stomach," Mike revealed. "All of a sudden, I just kind of lost it. I didn't know what to do. I went down to the river, sat down by the river, just lost. I was like, 'Where is my best friend at?' you know."

Angela will bring you the uninterrupted conversation she had with Mike and other memories of Russell that his friends shared with her in the latest 'Montana Murder Mysteries' podcast.

"Friends Remember Russell Turcotte" is available by clicking the link below or wherever you get your audio.

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