Florence crossing guard cheers up students with costumes

Courtesy: Katie Houston 

FLORENCE, Mont. - On a mission to spread cheer and inspire others to do the same, one western Montana crossing guard is already getting ready for the upcoming school year. 

Crossing guard Katie Houston dresses up every Friday afternoon as a way to end her students' week right. Now, she's on the hunt for even more costumes to add to her collection. 

It started as a way to cheer up students after a particular tough week last winter. Now, it's known as Dress-Up Fridays.

Students anxiously wait to see what the next costume is going to be, asking for hints and making guesses all week long. 

The crossing guard shared getting a reaction from her shyer students is pretty special. 

"On Friday, if I can get him to crack a little grin, that just made it all worth it," Houston said. "I don't mind making a fool of myself then." 

Senior Jeron McNair said the costumes confused him at first, but now it's something he looks forward to. 

"It's a good feeling," McNair said. "I like seeing the kids who are maybe having a bad day and they walk out to their parents and they see this and you know, end the week on a high note... it's pretty good to see."

As insignificant as Dress-Up Friday may be, Houston shared, she hopes it makes a difference in the community she loves. 

"I hope people see the world is a wonderful place, that there are wonderful people out there, and we just need to try and life each other up and be there for each other," Houston said. "That's really all it is."

Looking ahead, she would like to eventually have a whole closet of costumes to choose from. 

If you have a costume, or would like to donate to a costume-fund, reach out to Katie on Facebook. 

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