Glasglow Addiction Treatment Clinic

GLASGOW, Mont. - As the CDC reports a 16 percent increase in drug over-dose deaths in Montana, with 92 percent of state residents living with substance abuse disorders not receiving treatment.

Ideal Option, one the central hubs for Montanans to go for addiction treatment opened up their first clinic in Glasglow, Montana. 

Current patients shared their relief as a new treatment center moves closer to their rural communities of eastern Montana for the very first time.

Making recovery more safe and convenient for patients like Rita Espinoza who shared with me how she will never again have to compromise between taking care of her family or herself. 

"As a mother if there is going to be any sacrifice in our home, I'm going to sacrifice my needs and my wants so my child wouldn't have to go without so more than anything. It was just the biggest relief," said Espinoza. 

The new ideal option clinic will serve residents in valley county and the fort peck reservations located on 74th Street North in Glasglow. 

Before this week's opening, locals from the area like Rita drove more than 2 hours for medications, on-site treatment, and outreach services. 

For medical professionals dedicated to fighting the drug crisis in Montana, they hope this expansion closes the gap to keep patients like Rita from falling through the cracks.

"It makes a huge difference on whether or not a patient gets the care or follows through with the care. Since we've opened, the response I've heard from patients is that they want to be in recovery and seek care for their substance use disorder. They've been so happy and so grateful that Ideal Option has come to them and they can now continue on with this care," said Victoria Collier, Nurse Practitioner with Ideal Option. 

For patients like Rita who've battled her addiction for over two years now... Shares how Ideal Option brought her a new sense of relief she never thought was possible as she continues her recovery. She shares how this expansion brings her hope for the fight against the drug crisis in her community.

"I can't tell you how many friends I have lost to methadone overdoses so the fact that ideal option is bringing Suboxone to our community it feels like there is going to be less deaths, less arrests, less turmoil, it's exciting it's very exciting," said Espinoza. 

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