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Adventures with Purpose credited with finding Tammy Goff's body 

Great Falls, Mont. - A non profit group called Adventures with Purpose (AWP) says they're the ones responsible for finding Tammy Goff.  

Her body was discovered inside the truck she was last seen in, in the Missouri River Friday afternoon.  Jared Leisek, with AWP, told viewers on a live stream on YouTube Bob Goff, Tammy's husband, asked for their help.

Leisek and his 2 teammates Doug Bishop and Sam drove into Great Falls from Bend Oregon.  They spent 4 full days searching the city and its water ways.  

"Today was our last day, if anything was going to happen it was going to now and everything just came together," said Sam.

While Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter can't confirm that it is officially Tammy, AWP told viewers on the YouTube stream they were positive it was her and it was Tammy's dog Sadie that lead to the discovery.

"We couldn’t let go of the clue of Sadie. Sadie was seen within ¼ mile to ½ mile stretch for almost 24 hours where she was spotted, and in the water pacing and nervous and so that’s where our morning search began," said Leisek. 

Bishop added, "We heard stories about animals and how they’ll stay in a certain place, where they’ve last seen their owner or where something tragic had happened so we knew that we couldn’t dismiss that."

Friday afternoon, Tammy's body and her truck were pulled out of the Missouri River near the address of 421 Wilson Butte Road.  

Tammy was originally reported missing on July 12th 2018, just 6 days shy of her 60th birthday.  Tammy and Bob had been married for over 40 years. 

Adventures with Purpose was started in 2019 and according to their website they've solved 7 Cold Cases, and removed 100+ Vehicles from waterways 

Leisek and his crew are expected to start their journey back to Bend, Oregon sometime Saturday.


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