Yellowstone National Park traffic

MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, Wyo. - Nothing's better than when you load up your kids, friends and family for a summer road trip through Yellowstone National Park. And it seems that's what a lot of people did this June.

Yellowstone National Park reports that June 2021 was the most-visited June on record for the park, with 938,845 recreation visits in total.

According to a release, this is a 64% increase from June 2020 (573,205 recreational visits) and a 20% increase from June 2019 (781,853 recreation visits).

So far this year, the park has hosted 1,587,998 recreation visits, which is up 17% from 2019.

The list below shows the year-to-date trend for recreation visits over the last several years (through June):

2021 – 1,587,998

2020 –    719,054

2019 – 1,358,629

2018 – 1,381,708

2017 – 1,354,137

2016 – 1,432,071

If you plan to travel to Yellowstone this summer, you are advised to plan ahead, expect crowding, recreate responsibly and take the Yellowstone Pledge to protect yourself and the park. 

More data on park visitation, including how the park calculates these numbers, is available on the NPS Stats website

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