For a long time, small businesses and family farms, when filling out the fast food form to apply for financial aid, had to put their assets on the line to send their children to college. The Small Business and Family Farms Exemption Act would give those families a way to invest in the next generation without risking it all.

"There's just not a lot of interest in farming and ranching to be able to come up with ways. If we don't get this exemption, if we don't get that fixed, there's going to be a lot of small businesses and family farms that will point to their business and farm rich by borrowing the money to get involved in all of the small businesses and farms in this state and to mortgage their farm so that their kids going to college, that's going to be tough on our society as well."

And if this new exemption act goes through, it would allow families to invest in college based on each family's unique situation.

"You know, what's important for FAFSA for financial Aid is to know what cash flow is available to pay for tuition. That's the way it always used to be. That's the way it should be. And that's act would fix things. So that's the way it would."

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