Students learn skills in agriculture

MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana's family farms are in the hands of future generations and one school district is giving their students the hands-on education they need to be successful.

Just five minutes outside of Missoula lies a 100-acre farm owned by the Missoula County School District.

There, they learn everything they'll need to know in order to run the family farm someday, including raising animals, processing them, and selling them. 

While they gain the knowledge of how to be successful, teacher Tom Andres, said what they're giving back is even more valuable. 

“We sell the product to the school to feed kids in the lunch program. Or we do custom work for farmers and ranchers in the area. Or we also sell products to the general public," Andres said.

The Agricultural Education Program has about 300 students from Big Sky, Hell gate and Sentinel High School.

In addition to the meat processing class, students learn skills in construction, animal handling, agronomy and veterinary science.

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