#39. William Henry Harrison (tie)

- 9th president (March 4, 1841-April 4, 1841)

- Political party: Whig

- Overall C-SPAN score: 354

--- Political persuasion score: 39.2 (#38)

--- Crisis leadership score: 31.9 (#39)

--- Economic management score: 32.7 (#41)

--- Moral authority score: 43.8 (#35)

--- International relations score score: 34.0 (#41)

--- Administrative skills score: 34.6 (#40)

--- Congressional relations score: 36.2 (#40)

--- Vision/ability to set an agenda score: 37.6 (#37)

--- Pursued equal justice for all score: 30.8 (#36)

--- Performance within context of the times score: 32.9 (#40)

William Henry Harrison passed away just 32 days into his presidency, so his accomplishments are limited. Leading up to his time in office, he served as governor of the Indiana Territory, where he negotiated the U.S. acquisition of land with American Indian tribes. Negotiations were rocky, which led to war with the Indian confederacy—in which Harrison defeated Shawnee leader Tecumseh in the battle on the Tippecanoe River.

Harrison served as commander of the Northwest army in the War of 1812. From there, the Whig Party nominated him in the 1840 election. He died of pneumonia after delivering an extremely long inaugural address, during which he did not wear a coat or hat. He gained his ranking due to his shoddy crisis leadership skills, according to CBS News, perhaps due in part to the fact that he left it to the states to deal with the issue of slavery, and believed that antislavery movements threatened states' rights.

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