PRYOR, Mont. - "We celebrate it here annually," explained Mark BruisedHead. "For the kids, it's a big day for them. Get a little bit of that experience. What those old-time Indians used to live."

Friday in Pryor, Montana, both school children and adults capped off a week of Native heritage and cultural education. The children from Plenty Coups School and St. Charles Mission School, met at Plenty Coups State Park to parade through town. All in an effort to honor their ancestor's footsteps.

"Them Crow Indians back when they were wild and free, they would paint their face and dress up," explained BruisedHead. "That sense of freedom, independence and sense of adventure. That life of adventure."

In addition to the parade, the folks in Pryor invited their neighbors to gather and honor the traditions of the Crow People through traditional song, dance and games. This day was a beautiful day to gather and share the message of this park's namesake, Plenty Coups.

"It's a positive place," he said. "We have a message of peace and unity. Where people of different cultures come together...learn to get along."

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