Veterans honor POW-MIA brothers and sisters

HELENA, Mont. - The 42nd National Prisoners of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day is Friday and Montana still has a number of servicemen missing.

With more than 50 people who used to call Montana home still listed as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action from wars like the Vietnam War and the Korean War, Friday’s event gives community members a chance to honor those whose story is not finished.

Around 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 17, people from all over Montana are invited to join the Lewis and Clark County American Legion in the reading of the names listed on the memorial.

We met with one Legion member, Raymond Read, who says more about just how often they recognize and remember the POW/MIA.

“We fly the POW/MIA flag every day; We don't just fly it one day. We fly it over our capital. We carry it at all events. We have part of our ceremonies that recognizes the POW/MIA at the beginning and the end," Read said.

Read served as a colonel with the army and worked with Special Forces in the Vietnam War, and while this is a local event, he wants to see more of these throughout Montana. 

"Every community should be doing the same thing because it transcends Helena, it's the whole state. Our people that are lost are from all over the state," Read said.

Read also says that the ceremony, which will take place at Memorial Park, will be about 30 minutes long, so those who are able to attend are encouraged to do so, in order to give the missing servicemen the recognition they deserve. 

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