Animal Education Camp kicks off in Great Falls

Great Falls - When you think of summer camps, you probably imagine the ones set up outside, centered around the great outdoors. However, there's a new camp in Great Falls that's all about education.

Some are calling this summer camp one of a kind, and that's because it's all about animals. Right now, kids are learning about furry friends like cats and a really hands on way. 

The week-long camp kicked off Monday, with about nine kids participating, ranging from incoming  1st graders through those entering 6th grade this fall. Each child is adopting one of the Center's cats for the week by caring for it and cleaning it. One of the Center's veterinary technicians is also teaching the kids about the cat's health, and this educational camp and hands on learning style is what Center leadership calls "humane education."

"When you look at the word humane, it sounds like human so we need to know about humans and we learn about that at school, but we also need to learn about all things that are living and how they interact with each other," said Pam Volk, Executive Director of the Maclean Animal Adoption Center. 

The kids are also interacting with each other by making toys for the cats, and each day, the campers are also hearing from guest speakers, including two Monday one from the Great Falls Dog Training Club, and another who is a volunteer at the center. 

Now, if you missed the chance to sign your child up for this animal education camp, you'll have another chance. A second animal camp starts in early August, For more details, call the Center at 406-727-PETS or go here. 

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