OVANDO, Mont. - A male grizzly bear likely involved a fatal attack Tuesday, was killed in the Ovando area according to the Powell County Sheriff's Office. 

Thursday night, the sheriff’s office received a report from a resident who found the door to her home had been ripped off and had large claw marks on it. Not long after, a male grizzly bear was killed nearby.

According to a release from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, wildlife officials shot and killed the bear at a second chicken coop break-in that was similar to the first chicken coop break-in that happened the night of the fatal attack.

FWP said the second chicken coop break-in happened Wednesday night about 48 hours after the fatal attack, and FWP officials put up a trap at the second chicken coop Thursday. USDA Wildlife Services experts were keeping an eye on the trap, and when the bear approached it Thursday night, it was shot.

DNA samples from the bear were collected and sent to a lab. Results are expected in a couple of days. According to the Powell County Sheriff’s Office, early indications indicate this is the same bear involved in Tuesday's attack.

FWP said they suspect this is the same bear due to the proximity of Tuesday's fatal attack, evidence gathered at the locations and the fact there was a second chicken coop break-in.

FWP said they will keep at least one trap set up near the first chicken coop on the outskirts of Ovando until the DNA results come in.

Law enforcement and wildlife officials had been tracking bear sightings in the area after Leah Davis Lokan, 65, of Chico, California was pulled from her tent and killed by a grizzly bear early Tuesday morning in Ovando. The avid cyclist was traveling with two others on a bike trip.

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