BILLINGS, Mont. - Fifth grade students at Elder Grove Elementary are participating in the Amazing Shake competition. It's a competition designed to improve social skills and confidence.

"You have to have eye contact," Finalist Brody Aasen said. "You have to appreciate. You also have to have nice clothing. And, it's kind of about, you have to have confidence. You have to face your fears and all that kind of stuff."

Elder Grove Elementary Principal Jesse Moore said the Amazing Shake competition is his favorite part of the year.

"The skills aren't tied around content," Moore said. "It's how we present ourselves to people. So, the areas that kids are assessed on in this competition are appreciation, curiosity, dressing the part. Are you able to hold a conversation with someone? That's the main piece."

"So, why do we do the Amazing Shake?" Moore added. "Because connecting with people, I would put that above all other things."

There are several parts to the competition. For one part, community leaders were invited to Elder Grove Elementary and students were judged on how well they could carry on a conversation. Another part of the competition involved students being told they had 15 minutes to decide how to spend grant money and then, give a presentation on it.

"And so, we had to think on our feet and think what we were going to do in 15 minutes," Finalist Ty Sherman said.

Principal Moore said the school winner will be announced Wednesday, April 6. Then, on April 8, the school winner and runner up will participate in a city-wide Amazing Shake competition against the top two winners from five other Billings elementary schools.

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