Black Bear

KALISPELL - A four-legged visitor surprised staff and travelers at Glacier Park International Airport on Friday afternoon.

Around noon today, onlookers were alarmed to see a black bear at the airport.

Fish Wildlife and Parks Region 1 spokesman Dillon Tabish says they dispatched a wildlife specialist, who found the bear on the southeast corner of the property.

"She was kind of moseying along a fenceline and climbed up into a tree," Tabish says.

The specialist darted the bear with a tranquilizer gun and she is now safely on her way back to being released in the woods. The specialist also determined that she's a 4-year-old, 125-pound female. 

Tabish says it's unclear how the bear got into the fenced airport property, although it's possible she climbed a fence in the northeast corner that borders a forest.

He says no flights were disrupted by the bear's visit.

Bears are hungry and actively foraging anywhere they can at this time of year, he notes.

"This is the most interesting example of that."

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