Butte Starbucks announcing intention to unionize

BUTTE, MT- Partners (employees) at the Harrison Ave & C Street Starbucks are announcing their intention to unionize, this would make them the first store in the Treasure state to do so.

The announcement came via twitter from @SBWorkersUnited account which is the voice of the partner union organization.

The letter reads that partners feel at the bottom of the totem pole and feel treated as such.

They add that they love their jobs and are using their collective voice to better it and say that all they are asking for is a seat at the table in decisions that affect their lives and communities.

Also adding that there is fear of retaliation and intimidation for taking part in this and ask Starbucks to respect their rights.

The letter was addressed to Howard Schultz the C.E.O. of the Starbucks Coffee Corporation.

Overnight, several stores in Virginia voted to unionize.

Butte has deep history with the unions, The Butte Miners' Union, was formed in 1878 to improve working conditions in the mines.

All of this come as the topic of unions has entered the Montana congressional race:

Overnight Tom Winter, called out one of his opponents, Cora Neumann, who is running as a Democrat, to terminate her contract with an out of state group called Global Strategy Group.

Winter is a member of IBEW 206 and the Democrat party has a long standing relationship of support with unions and the AFL-CIO. 

The group GSG made headlines for working against unionizing Amazon employees, recently, according to Politico, the DNC is considering banning consultants from anti-union activity.

Per the Politico report, labor leaders like AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler directly cites GSG's involvement in combatting union organizing. 

“We appreciate the Democratic Party committees’ decision to amend their contract and RFP processes in light of reporting that GSG had been working for Amazon as they sought to defeat the recent organizing drive,” AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler said in a statement to Politico.

A GSG spokesperson sent us this statement in response to calls that they are doing anti-union work:

"GSG is fully committed to supporting the rights of workers to organize and we fully agree to new labor standards and will be incorporating them into our client contracts."

Winter is calling on all campaigns running in Montana’s new western district to sign pledge allowing any and all campaign staff to form a union should they wish to organize.

We did reach out via email to Neumann and will update this when more is available.

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