Butte's Haunted History

Butte is known as an old historical town and with that comes rumors of haunted buildings.

"All of uptown Butte, all of uptown Butte, just any place you go into. Pretty much guaranteed it's haunted," said John DeMuary, founder of Butte Paranormal Investigative Team.

The old St. James Hospital is a well-known for being haunted. "Not the oldest hospital but the second oldest hospital in Butte. Very, very haunted. As you can see, I mean it gives off that vibe right now. Just looking up at the door. It's very creepy," said DeMuary.

Rumor has it late at night a light shines from a window which appears to be a candle burning. Lori Johnson of Mining City Paranormal said of the old St. James Hospital, "I do know people who have been in there and they say it's very scary. They hear voices and things being moved."

The Dumas Brothel is another well-known hot spot for haunted encounters. "It's every paranormal investigator's dream to catch a full body apparition and I've done that at the Dumas Brothel,” said DeMuary.

Real life video footage of a female spirit was captured last year by the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team. It is pretty scary stuff.

Johnson said, "We've gone in there, we've had a lot of activity. You know the history with Ruby and all the madams and prostitutes of course hasn't been the greatest so they kind of stick around."

There are too many to name them all but other places of haunted interest include the Copper King Mansion, now a bed and breakfast, the Butte-Silver Bow Courthouse and the bar Shorty's.

If you suspect you have paranormal activity happening in your home or business, both the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team and Mining City Paranormal will come out and check for spirits, free of charge.

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