CM Russell High School in Great Falls sees new artwork

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - If you have a student who attends CM Russell High School in Great Falls you’ll notice a really large piece of artwork in the front yard of the school. 

The school is hoping it becomes a focal point in the community. They hope kids touch it, stand on it, and maybe even eat lunch on it. 

The statue itself is massive in size and weighs close to 2500 pounds, it took multiple members of the grounds crew and large trucks to move it into place, but the reason why it’s here is that it’s supposed to start a different conversation about art and inspire students. 

“I want those kids to be able to meet people like that and then see something this massive,” Dusty Molyneaux the Fine Arts Department supervisor said, “That you can have a dream, you can have a vision and turn it into something this cool when it's all said and done.” 

The artist is  Benji Danielsa, a Native American sculptor who lives in Montana. 

GFPS says it’s important that natives are reflected not only in lessons but in the art on campus.  

The school district says that the sculpture will be here through the end of the year and their hope is that eventually, it will become more permanent. 

Right now, they’re in talks right now with the artist to figure out what more permanent looks like, but they would like it to end up as someplace for kids to ultimately take their graduation pictures. 

This week is homecoming week and the homecoming parade will take place on Friday so it’s a perfect opportunity to start using it as a photo op.   

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