Flathead County to reconsider anti-water bottling zoning

A controversial water bottling plant in Creston moves forward. 

On Friday, the DNRC granted a permit to the Montana Artesian Water Company. This is the final say from the DNRC, but the order could still be challenged in court.

Some neighbors have expressed concerns that the plant would drain the aquifer leaving little water for locals. Others are worried the plan might affect the iconic Flathead River. 

A statement on the Montana Artesian Water site says they're committed to responsible use: "Water is a precious resource in Montana, and we are committed to developing the resource responsibly, and with negligible impact to the surrounding area that we also call home."

Groups have 30 days to present a legal challenge to the decision. 

Protest group "Flathead Unbottled" called the DNRC decision "inexcusably bad."

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