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The Montana Food Bank Network recently received a donation of 19,800 pounds of hamburger.

PARK COUNTY, Mont. - The Montana Food Bank Network (MFBN) recently received a donation of 19,800 pounds of hamburger.

A collection of producers across the state helped gift the hamburger which was delivered to the MFBN on Jan. 11.

A release from statewide non-profit organization, The Producer Partnership, says it facilitated the donation through its mission of farmers and ranchers working to help end hunger in Montana.

If the Producer Partnership was going to succeed, it needed an experienced distribution partner familiar with the food business to supply the donated hamburger to all 56 counties in the state. My vision was simply to connect the dots and form a partnership to benefit Montanans in need,” Matt Pierson, who established the Producer Partnership said.

This is not the first time the organization has donated hamburger to the MFBN.

According to Brent Weisgram, VP and COO of the MFBN, before the pandemic, the food bank network spent less than $2.00 per pound for hamburger.

The meat was purchased from out-of-state vendors due to the lack of USDA federally inspected beef processors in the state with the capacity to meet the quantity demands needed the release said.

Pierson said one of the Producer Partnership’s first goals was to provide the Food Bank Network with as much protein as they need.

In two years, the release says the organization has collected and donated 95,967 pounds of hamburger to the MFBN.

“That’s just from picking up cattle, finding a place to get them harvested, paying for the processing and dropping the donations off —with our latest project of funding our own processing unit, we will turn out way more beef,” added Pierson.

It is simply amazing how significant of an impact the Producer Partnership has made for the Montana Food Bank Network in such a short amount of time since we formed this partnership. We are so thankful for the support and generosity we are seeing from everyone’s contributions working together to achieve such great results. This is so much more than just a single donation; the Producer Partnership’s concept has provided the platform for everyone to get involved to help provide a much needed resource to Montana families facing food insecurity. Special thanks to all of the generous ranchers donating their livestock, the donors contributing financially to help cover the processing fees and contributing to make the processing facility a reality,” said Weisgram.

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