Voters turn out in droves in Cascade County

Most federal and local agencies are closed today for elections but the Secretary of State's office in the capitol building was open for business, as staff and volunteers prepare for a long night of going over election results.

Cory Stapleton described it as stressful but in a good way. He gave KFBB a 6-page calendar that has been keeping him busy since January 1st in preparations for Election day.

Stapleton says over the past 24 hours he's had to deal with multiple issues he has had to tackle. His job today is to handle some of the bigger issues like communication and making sure that callers know the who, what, when, where, and how.

He initially thought that snow would affect voter turnout but that was not the case at all, but despite the challenges, Stapleton said the people of Montana will be heard.

Stapleton said, "the stress of making sure people voices are heard through the first amendment rights to be mad, happy sad angry you gotta honor all of that"

Stapleton could not do this alone. We spoke with the elections director for the State of Montana and he added in his tenure as the director this is one of the biggest elections he has covered.

Dana Corson said one of the biggest challenges he is facing with this election is the amount of calls that came in on election day. They only had a team of about 5 answering over 300 calls just on election day alone. Corson said the question that's coming up the most is about mail-in ballots.

Corson said, "they consider is this right or how do we get this information with probably amplifies the candidates and other issues that are out there. Because it's coming from both the ballot initiatives and the candidates and its driven largely at the federal level for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House is where most of the volume is coming from."

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