Giving back: a volunteer's love for animals

Great Falls - This week we are flipping the scripts and featuring a person who goes above and beyond to show her love for animals.

When Marybeth O'Connor gets out of her blue truck, she's so excited to get to work that she runs to get inside. 

Once she's inside the Maclean Animal Adoption Center, the first thing on her list is to check on the cats who are inside their cages.  

"It calms me down. It puts me in a nearly meditative state.  I'm not asleep by any stretch of the imagination, but it slows your respiration down, it slows your thinking down," said O'Connor. 

However, O'Connor doesn't get paid for what she does. In fact, she's actually a volunteer who spends her days here simply because she loves animals.

"All those things that bother you in the outside world disappear," said O'Connor. 

Twice for two hours at a time, she plays with these pets, brushes them and keeps them company.

"We live in an age where they say you know it's time to give back and this is how I give back to the community," said O'Connor. 

Even though O'Connor doesn't get compensated for her time with cash.she still takes pride in knowing that her job is making a difference.

"And I take over where the staff maybe doesn't have time to walk that dog three times a day that says it in itself," said O'Connor.

If you're interested in volunteering at the MAAC, you must be 16 years or older. You can walk to the dogs, take pictures of them, play with them and more. For information, go here. 

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