BILLINGS, Mont. - A Billings mom said it's fun to watch her twin sons Caden and Taco Dowler play football. They've played from the time they were young, up through today, where they are part of the Montana State University Bobcats team.

"It's fun! Their entire high school, it was just Friday night lights," Caden and Taco Dowler's Mom Michelle McLean said. "It was super fun. You create this bond of people who sit on the bleachers with you throughout every single year, every football season. It's kind of sad when it ends. It's just been fun to take it to the next level."

McLean said both Caden and Taco participated in several sports growing up: football, basketball, baseball and track. They both gravitated toward football as they got into high school. 

She said they have very different personalities:

"Taco is just gritty. He just finds what needs to be done and gets it done. And Caden is unbelievably tenacious. He's just dedicated, driven."

Caden and Taco graduated from Billings West High School this past spring. Independently, they both decided to go to MSU and play for the Bobcats.

"They actually made the decision the same day," McLean said. "I think it was after the Gold Rush game last year. Both of them, separately, sent me messages saying, 'I think I want to commit.' So, it was a good day."

McLean said she loves watching her sons support each other. She especially treasures a photo of Caden hugging Taco after Taco's punt return for a touchdown.

"Obviously, from a mom's perspective, that's a heart-melter," she said.

She also had this to say about watching Taco's punt return for a touchdown:

"It's an adrenaline rush, for sure. This last one. You get teary, as a mom. My ears get hot and I get a little bit emotional."

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