BILLINGS, Mont. - Billings native Jonah Prill of American Song Contest will not be moving on to the final round. Although, Prill said he feels like he's already won just by being on the show.

"I've already won," he said. "We can take all these performances. And take them to the Nashville country music industry. That goes for all the other artists too. We've already won. We've been able to show our music and showcase our talent. That has truly meant the world to me and all the other artists."

Prill said he's headed back to Nashville after this.

"After this, I'm headed down to Nashville. I have recordings, rights, meetings. I've got a lot of work in Nashville to be doing. Then, after that, it's just getting on the road and playing shows."

Prill said he'll be back in Montana for some of those shows, although he doesn't have specific dates yet.

He said everyone on American Song Contest was so nice. He was able to meet well-known artists like Snoop Dog, Kelly Clarkson and Macy Gray. He said everyone was so nice and he's made life-long friends. 

Prill also said more people recognize him now:

"I was being recognized on my flight back to Billings. I had two connecting flights and people were like, stopping me on the plane. I was like, 'Thank you! Thanks for voting!' And just going to Walmart, like the grocery store, people were like, 'Hey! Hey, what's up!' I don't feel like a celebrity, but they're trying to tell me I'm one."

The final episode of American Song Contest will feature 10 artists. It will be held on May 9.

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