Maclean Animal Adoption Center Offering Educational Courses

The $5 million Maclean Animal Adoption Center in Great Falls has been up and running since August of 2015. In the past 8 months, about 147 cats and 118 dogs have been adopted! Now, center leaders have also turned their eyes toward education.

Inside the center, you'll find plenty of adorable pets. but you'll also find something else that may surprise you: a room that will soon be filled with lots of learning about living things like dogs and cats. For the first time, the center is launching its education initiative, starting with summer courses for kids.

Now, the week long courses will be offered to kids ages 6-12. There will be six courses total, starting in the last week of June through August. Each course will feature a different animal-related topics with guest speakers including a local veterinarian. The Center's Executive Director Pam Volk says the courses are centered around what she calls "humane education. "

"And we know that most kids have a natural affinity towards dogs or cats so those animals can be used to teach children social and emotional skills, which those are important to have as a grownup," Volk said.

Volk said that space is limited to about 20 kids per week-long course. The cost is $200 per course, and you can sign your child up for more than one course as well as each week will feature a different theme with planned appearances with furry friends like police and guide dogs

Besides the education room, there's also something new for the Center's cats. They've added what's called a "catio." it's an outdoor area for cats to play in and catch some rays of sun.

It costs $1600 per day to keep the Center running, and if you'd like to get donate, there are several fundraisers, including one that involves donating spare change. Also, if you would like to sign your child up for a summer animal course, sign ups will start on Monday April 18, and you can sign up via the website here.

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