Missoula City bans firearms from several public spaces

The Missoula City Council passed two ordinances about banning firearms in several public spaces on Monday.

Councilwoman Julie Merrit, Ward 6, asked whether the city should pass an emergency ordinance to ban firearms from polling places. City council voted to approve her suggestion, 8-3 with one absent. The ordinance lasts 90 days.

Council also voted on an ordinance to permanently ban guns from city parks, libraries, museums and city council chambers. The ordinance passed 8-3 with one absent.

Dozens of Missoula residents gathered in the city council chambers on Monday to voice concerns to city officials.

City council members Jesse Ramos, Michelle Care and Julie Armstrong voted against the ordinances.

The penalty for violating the two ordinances is a $500 fine, with no jail time listed as a punishment.

It's the second time this week Missoula city council is in headlines for gun ordinances. A judge recently ruled that a controversial city gun law passed in 2016 can stand. The law requires background checks on gun sales from non-licensed dealers.

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