Montana school bus aide suspended after fight with student

GREAT FALLS - One local mother is outraged after a video taken Monday afternoon showing an altercation between her son, who is still in middle school, and an adult bus aide.

The video shows the two in a verbal argument and, at one point, another student stepped between them while the heated exchange continued. The breaking point came when the young student used his forearm to push the aide. While doing so, he stated the aide was older and bigger than him so he shouldn’t be acting that way. Then the video shows the aide push the student toward the back of the bus.

The student’s mother, Crystal Ave, says the man grabbed her son’s throat and started to choke him.

“There was no air at all. I was pinned up against the back of the bus. And that’s when Carlos (a fellow student)… He could see I was choking, that’s when Carlos got him,” said Damen Ave, the student involved in the altercation. His mother says at this point, an apology wouldn’t matter.

The school resource officer at CMR, where the incident occurred, said the matter is still under investigation.

The general manager of Big Sky Bus Lines, Barbie Stucker, says this is an ongoing investigation and Big Sky Bus Lines is taking statements from everyone involved. Stucker stated the video does not show the entirety of the incident or what happened leading up to the confrontation.

As for the aide, we are working to find out his name, as well as his work history. According to the general manager of Big Sky Bus Line, this aide has never been in trouble until now but is currently suspended until the investigation is complete.

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