National Dog Day celebrated on Friday

It seems like there's a National Day for almost everything including food, drinks and even ones to celebrate your pets.

On Friday, pictures of pooches are flooding the internet, and that's because it's National Dog Day. 

Now, according to website, Friday s a chance to recognize dogs of all sizes and breeds. However..some dogs haven't found their forever homes yet, so National Dog Day is also a chance to also recognize dogs at shelters and centers that need homes.

The dogs in this video.are up for adoption at the Maclean Animal Adoption Center in Great Falls. If you'd like to learn more about some dogs available there or at the Great Falls Animal Shelter, you can visit the websites. For the Maclean Animal Adoption Center, go here. For the Great Falls Animal Shelter, go here. If you'd like to send KFBB photos of your dog, you can do so on our Facebook page. 


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