New AMC Dine-In Southgate 9 theater announces Missoula opening date

A new kind of blockbuster film experience is coming to Missoula.

The AMC Dine-In Southgate 9 theater will open on Mon., Feb. 26, according to a press release. The theater, which is attached to Southgate Mall, will allow guests to reserve seats online, enter the theater without a paper ticket and order concessions from a digital pad on the arm of their seat. The 9-screen theater is outfitted with "plush, power recliner seating."

Patrons over 21 can also order beer and wine. 

Menu items will include nachos, burgers, bacon-chicken mac & cheese, milkshakes and more traditional offerings like popcorn, candy and Coke. (Click here to see the full menu.)

AMC recently took over ownership of Carmike Cinemas, and owns the AMC 12 theater off Reserve Street.

The press release didn't indicate what the ticket pricing might be. 

Some Yelp reviews of other AMC Dine-In theaters around the nation:

"As a theatre, this place makes you feel like a VIP. The leather seats that are fully reclining (like you can make it into a bed and just nap. I did!) and order food/drinks from a waiter during the movie gives you the celebrity status feel. However, the price of their food and drinks are too expensive for the quality. The food are just average."

"I ordered the popcorn, and for $9, you get a huge bowl of popcorn. It's your classic movie theater popcorn - a staple for any movie. It was a little distracting having food delivered in the middle of the movie though."

"The tables attached to our chairs were bigger than I expected and swiveled easily. I love that I can get dinner and drinks while I'm watching a movie! You already know I had a mojito in hand when I saw Jumanji here - we made a pit stop at the bar outside the theater before going in."

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