Popular distillery in Ennis attracts people from all over the world

People from Africa, Asia and all around the United States have come to Ennis just to taste the spirits that are distilled at Willie’s Distillery

Located at the end of Main Street Willie’s Distillery has been serving people for close to five years. Willie's distills Whiskey, Moonshine, Liqueurs, Vodka and Brandi's. But Denie Amberson who works at Willie’s says the most important part is giving back to the community.

Amberson said, "Absolutely they give to us all the time, we get people here so we can have bottling parties, so every Thursday people come here and they help volunteer, sign bottles and so we like to give back. We want to show our appreciation for all the support here we get."

Amberson would continue to say that there are 19 distilleries in the state of Montana and Willie’s and one other distillery have had more sales then the other 17 distilleries combined.

Willie’s is the main sponsor for the Tap into Ennis Brew and Spirits fest this weekend. They will also be hosting a pig roast on June 3rd.

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