BIG TIMBER, Mont. - A home in Big Timber is participating in 'Skeletons for St. Jude' to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

"For years and years, we never got any trick or treaters," Homeowner Celia Hulin said.

She said that changed in 2020 when she and her husband went big with their Halloween decorations. In 2021, they joined 'Skeletons for St. Jude' to help raise money for the children's hospital. 

"We figured we'd put our display to a good cause," she said.

Skeletons for St. Jude is hoping to raise $100,000 nationwide this season.

Celia Hulin said the theme for her home this year is "Spider Smackdown' featuring skeletons fighting spiders.

Celia and her husband start setting up in August. She said they have spent about 50 hours so far this year getting the yard ready.

"I'm sure my neighbors all think I'm crazy, but hopefully they still love me," Hulin said with a laugh.

Celia Hulin said a lot of people drive by to see her Halloween decorations now.

"If you sit here during the day, probably 20 people will stop," she said. "You'll see them stop in their cars, taking pictures." 

Celia said there is one other home in Montana participating in Skeletons for St. Jude. That home is in Sidney.

She is looking forward to Halloween this year, especially since she had COVID during Halloween last year:

"Last year, I wasn't able to participate. I set everything up and then, I came down with COVID. I actually had it for 21 days. I was sick in bed. So, my husband got to trick-or-treat while I watched from my quarantine window and waved at the kids. I was so sad."

She said they will have the lights up Friday and Saturday nights, 7-11 p.m. 

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