HELENA, Mont. - Lewis and Clark County is hoping money can convince more people to get their COVID vaccine.

If you live in the area and sign up for your first or second dose before Wednesday's deadline, you could be $50 richer.

St. Peter's Health is taking the vaccination process one step at a time, and for now they have shifted their focus to closing the gap between the 61% fully vaccinated rate and the 70% who are partially vaccinated.

Wednesday's vaccination clinic will offer a $50 cash incentive for those who register. To be eligible you must be 18-years or older, as well as provide ID. For those who are seeking their second dose, you must be able to provide your vaccination card.

Katie Gallagher tells me why this was such an obvious choice for them.

"We hear it in the hospital and it's one of the saddest stories that we hear. People become hospitalized, critically ill with COVID-19 and when asked about if they've gotten the vaccine or not, some people say they just didn't get around to it," she said.

She also told me why they chose this particular path for an incentive-based option.

"We've seen it be successful across the country and in other communities in Montana. Other communities like Yellowstone County rolled this out, I believe over six months ago, and had great success with it," Gallagher said.

And she told me where they were able to get the funds to actually put this into motion.

"This money came completely from private donors, some community organizations, specifically Mountain Health Co-op, and private community donors who stepped forward with their funding to provide this incentive," she said.

The deadline to sign-up is noon on Wednesday, Nov. 17, but spaces are limited so if you are looking to get signed up for your first or second dose, you should do so sooner than later.

You can find the website for sign-ups here.

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