Take a look inside the State Emergency Coordination Center
FORT HARRISON – Right now the State Emergency Coordination Center has roughly 45 people working, which is nearly double the amount during normal day to day operations. Each agency is working 11-12 hour shifts seven days a week.  

The SECC has five levels of activation, the lowest level being number five, which consists of day to day operations, progressing up to a level one where they are working 24-7 with an increased amount of staff.  

“The current plan for the next operation period is to continue as a level two, but our staff is always looking forward and figuring out what we need to do to adjust to the needs of the community and the needs of the state,” says Delila Bruno the Division Administrator for Montana Disaster and Emergency Services. “So, if we need to go into a more advanced operation we will.” 

Each agency plays an important role in the entire operation. Every day they are working with every county and city across the state coordinating information, assistance and resources. 

“We have a joint information center that is pushing out real-time updates on social media and we are working in coordination with the Governor’s office with all the messaging we are pushing out throughout the day,” says Jake Ganieany the State Emergency Coordination Center Manager. 

Each emergency situation is very different but the task at hand is also very similar.  

“Emergency’s and disasters are really about resources and support to the locals. Whether it’s in the form of resources or information,” says Ganieany. 

During a public health crisis, they have several public health partners working alongside them as well as two doctors.  

“We are in collaboration with them to make sure we are answering all the questions and pushing resources out and bringing in additional staff if we need them here,” says Ganieany.  

The last public health event the SECC responded to was Ebola a few years back. So, it is a structure they are familiar with. You can find out the latest information on the Coronavirus in the Treasure State by clicking here.  

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