'Testicle Festival' in Montana no more

It's known as 'the craziest, most unpredictable festival' in Montana-- Testicle Festival.

After 35 years, the Testy Fest is no more.

Matt Powers, who is the owner of Rock Creek Lodge where the festival has been held for the past 35 years, said on Monday that the festival is canceled "due to social media, lawsuits, and general liability concerns."

Starting in 1982, the 5-day festival became famous for its drinking, nudity, and Testicle eating competitions, hense the slogan seen on signs along Interstate 90, "Having a ball," at the Testicle Festival.

It's been featured on television shows, including 'The Travel Channel' and 'VICE News.'

Powers, who purchased the lodge in 2005 and took over the festival, said in a Facebook message to ABC FOX Montana's Angela Marshall, "I'm looking for less stress."

That's because it hasn't always been known as the safest festival in Montana.

In an effort to improve safety, Powers had in previous years increased the number of security guards to help prevent fights from breaking out and even offered bus shuttle services in an attempt to cut down on drinking and driving.

Powers contracted last year with a private shuttle company, known as Pub Crawlers of Montana. 

Last summer, James Bayford was a passenger in one of those party vehicles that was shuttling people back to Missoula from the festival.

Court document showed that Bayford became upset with the driver and grabbed the steering wheel, causing a crash. 

That crash killed Donny Barlow and Vannessa Anderson, both of Missoula. 

Bayford is set to go to trial in July, after pleading guilty last summer to two felonies charges of negligent vehicular homicide. 

Now, after more than a decade, it's a change in career for Powers. 

He says, "I'm jumping into the medical marijuana field. I feel it's a safer livelihood."

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