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A disturbing case of alleged sex abuse at a Phoenix nursing home.

Sources say a woman who has been in vegetative state for at least a decade gave birth at the facility last week.  Now, Phoenix police are investigating.

A baby boy was born alive and healthy Saturday.  But his mother has been in a vegetative state for several years, and authorities say she was raped while staying in the Hacienda HealthCare facility.

A source tells CNN that employees didn't know she was pregnant until labor started.

Doctor Greg Marchand says that is uncharted territory.

Dr. Greg Marchand said, "I can't even imagine how horrible it must be to be a victim of abuse like that. This was an extremely dangerous situation with no monitoring."

Marchand is a valley OB-GYN, and says though a baby can fully develop inside a woman who is in a vegetative state, having no prenatal care is alarming.

Dr. Marchand said, "There wasn't any prenatal screening done or prenatal labs, so we weren't able to see if she was suffering from gestational diabetes or HELLP syndrome."

He says the main difference between this victim and a healthy woman giving birth, is this victim could not use her body to push out the baby and likely had a long labor because of it.

And with no prenatal care, it's a miracle there weren't severe complications.

Dr. Marchand said, "It could've been an active labor for hours or even days. This easily could've resulted in a fetal death."

But a source close to the case tells us facility employees heard her moaning, and that's when they knew something was wrong.

And Doctor Marchand says even though she couldn't communicate, she likely was able to feel.

A source tells affiliate KPHO that the woman required around-the-clock care, meaning many people would have access to her room.  It's unclear if the patient has a family member or guardian to advocate for her.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Governor's Office and several state agencies say they are assisting Phoenix police in the investigation, and additional probes into what happened could be opened.  In a statement, Hacienda HealthCare says it is cooperating with the investigation, calling the incident "disturbing".

There's no further update about the health or whereabouts of the newborn.

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