Billings Airport said holiday travel was at 65-70% of normal

BILLINGS, Mont.-  The Billings Logan International Airport said holiday travel at the airport was 65-70% of normal, a high for travel during the pandemic.

The Transportation Security Administration reported eight days in December 2020 where more than a million passengers passed through security checkpoints. As of the date of this article, there were three days in January 2021 with more than a million passengers passing through security checkpoints. In the previous year, all of the those days except for one had over two million passengers pass through security checkpoints.

Director of Aviation and Transit for Billings Kevin Ploehn said that overall Montana has fared better than other places in the country.

"I think Montana, especially the three or four bigger airports in Montana, did way better than the rest of the country. You know, through most of the year, they were running in the 60-70% range. Billings, I think during the summer was right around 56% of last year's numbers. Nationally, during the summer, it was about 30%. During Christmas, the big news, you know they hit 1.3 million on Sunday the 26th. That was like 54 %or 55% of last year's numbers, where we were pushing  like almost 75% of last year's numbers."

Ploehn also said construction on the new terminal in going well. Workers are currently laying the steel structure down for the floor. Ploehn expects Terminal A will be finished around September or October 2021. After Terminal A is finished, construction crews will begin working on Terminal B.

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